Wolfgang Gersch: DIGITAL ART

Wolfgang Gersch has been creating digital art since the late 80's. His approach is very much inspired and influenced by his many years of being a professional airbrush artist.

Wolfgang is exploring his unique imaging with great excitement in the electronic media. The advancement in the digital printing technology is giving him finally the opportunity to express his subtle color ranges and delicate images in a new and contemporary art form.





Digital Art: IMAGES

Circular Evolution

One of my more current digital images. The interesting textures are from my personal collection of handmade mixed media surface effects. These faux finishes and 3D textures are usually part of my repertoire in my paintings and murals. The symbolism of the circle and of energy patterns are deeply meaningful for my expressions.

Meta Art Studios © 1997

Circular Energie Vortex

The mysteries of so many manifestations are deeply linked with circular patterns of evolution. On the universal scale we might think of the stars and the big bang theory. In nature many forms of life evolve from an embryonic stage. And the egg or a circular shape is very often what we see emerging.

Meta Art Studios © 1997

Virtual Ocean View

In my visual creations I like to make at times references to the fascinating human mode of perception. For so long we trusted our eyes to show us the real world. Paintings and later photography and now Film and TV brought us worlds usually beyond our daily perception. The digital image is the new media of sight. Our perception has to adapt to virtual reality.

Meta Art Studios © 1997

Mount Tamlapaias on a virtual afternoon

I painted a mural at the Dominican College in Marin. I scanned a photograph of it into the Mac. Altering the mural with digital tools, applying some color enhancements and adding the faux finish I had available from another project, is an example why I love to create digital art.

Meta Art Studios © 1996

California Surf

This digital image of a sky and a landscape is integrating the beauty of the California coast line into this new media. Originally one of my earlier images when there was only a color palette of 256 colors available. I have recently refined this image and updated it's look.

Meta Art Studios © 1989